My Nature photographs

These are just a sampling of photos have been taken in various places around the country on various trips.
This particular page is all from the state I was born in, Indiana.

I got up one morning very early before work and decided to drive over to Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, Indiana I lived very close at the time). Next to Central Park in New York this is the largest city park in the nation. Unlike central park, however, it is mostly in it's natural state, aside from the large reservoir in the center. This picture is from the western side and a small area that is being managed as a prarie. The park is very close to the airport which you can see from the jet trails in the early morning sky.

This picture is from another Indiana park called Clifty Falls. It is in the extreme southern part of the state and is in a hilly and rocky area. This is where there are caves and waterfalls in Indiana.

This is a picture of a Morel mushroom. They are a delicacy and thus far impossible to farm. The only way to get them is to go out and hunt them in the woods at the proper time of year. This is a posed shot after I had already finished my mushroom hunting expedition. The area this shot was taken in had mushrooms in the past but there currently aren't any there-other than the one I brought in.

On the extreme northern end of Indiana is Indiana Dunes state park. This is a particularly large sand dune called Mount Baldy.

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