My Nature photographs

These photos are all from a Park near Portland Oregon called Silver Falls. There are 11 waterfalls all within a few hours hike. I took pictures of all of them but these are the only ones I have scanned in so far.

This is the largest and most impressive falls in the park, called South Falls. The parking lot at the entrance to the park is at the top level of the waterfall. This was the last falls we visited.

This is one of the smaller falls in the park but still rather nice. This one is called Lower North Falls.

It's a good long treck (but at least there are stairs) to see North falls but it is worth the effort. The trail takes you behind the falls where you can see impressions of trees in the rock layer above you. These were made when lava flowed through an ancient forest and solidified.

I almost didn't get to see these falls because they were working on the trail to them while we were there. But at the last minute, I got to go back and see them.

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