The Planet Rona

Last updated October 29th, 2016

A long time ago (around 1995) I thought up my own imaginary planet complete with it's own sentient race. Later it evolved into a complete universe with other races and planets all functiuoning together. Others have turned their imaginary worlds into various works of fiction like Tolkein, Lucas and other film and print media. I have attempted to put my own idea into the form of a novel which has taken years to get rolling but was completed two years ago and now is being subject to editing. I have been focusing my more recent efforts on writing short stories for publication in genre fiction magazines.

But originally, the easiest and fastest thing was to make it into a website, which began as an internet class project back during my undergraduate years. I took what was then only in my mind and put it into its first truly concrete form.

I have also made the Pharlan race into a modification for the PC game, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and now for Skyrim Click here to see screenshots from the mod and to download. Note that I was unable to make the mod perfectly match pharlans though after learning how to model I was able to come very close to a proper representation. Rona itself has also been included in a persistent world for Neverwinter Nights called Higher Ground. The appearance of both pharlans and the ronan wildlife is less accurate than I would like since it was strongly constrained by the nature of an online world. However plenty of pharlan culture and history can be found within the items and creature descriptions. Pharlans also appear there are a playable race.
In any case welcome to Rona this is a world where where the wild and technology interact without friction.

Rona is an interesting planet not too dissimilar from Earth in many ways, though considerably larger in overall area. The sentient life form on this planet is Pharlans which are a race of somewhat bird-like people (I say bird-LIKE) but they are NOT bird human hybrids or anything of the sort. I've also made up some interesting animals to populate this world. Field Guide to other life forms on Rona Read about this world I have created and open your mind to new possibilities.

All Ideas and images on the following pages are completely original and copyright me. Contact me here.