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What’s a Pharlan?

Pharlans are race concieved of myself many years ago - around 1995. They don't come from any movie, game, book or anything else, just my own insane imagination.

Their intrusion into the game of The Elderscrolls III: Morrowind, Neverwinter Nights and Skyrim is the result of my own desire to have *my* race in games that I play. Everyone else gets to download and play with them as a bonus. :P

Pharlans are an intelligent winged race of bird-like people. I say bird-LIKE but they are not human bird hybrids. They are a unique form of life that does have some avian characteristics.

Pharlans are highly technologically advanced, interstellar travelers, yet similar to many ancient cultures in their senses of honor, love of battle and ties to nature. Pharlans can fly quite well (even in the Morrowind mod, Skyrim is a bit of an issue with no native levitation) but are somewhat slow on the ground-only slightly faster than humans.

They have excellent senses of smell and eyesight and are strict carnivores and usually hunt without the aid of weapons although they will eat some fruit and nectar on occasion. They are bio-electrical organisms, able to absorb a variety of energy sources but especially sunlight and electricity.

In the Morrowind and Skyrim mods Pharlans make excellent mages (My own universe is sci-fi and uses energy in place of magic) and are nearly immune to magical attacks but very weak to normal weapons (in Morrowind).
In my perfect imagining they are resistant to many forms of damage but weak to sharp pointy objects.

But pharlans are only one race (though my favorite) in a series of races and planets within my universe. All of these serve as the backdrop for my stories and novels. If you have an interest in these feel free to contact me. Back to the Pharlan homepage
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Pharlans are copyright me.

They were first recorded on the web about 1998.