Pharlan Names

Pharlans have their own naming system. They don't typically use first and last names as most terran cultures do.

When a Pharlan is first hatched, he or she is given a name by his parents. This is typically called something along the lines of a "baby name". Once the Pharlan is about 20-30 years old he or she must undertake the first hunt in which they must kill their first Steel Hide on their own. On the day this is completed, part of the kill is taken to the closest temple and burned as an offering to the Pharlan's god.

The high priest will then give the young Pharlan a new name which is the adult name. Sometimes this will only be an addition to the baby name but often it is completely new. Often as a Pharlan grows older his accomplishments may be recorded in the name by titles denoting honor. Typically the more famous or honorable the individual, the longer the name.

Sometimes a name may become considered bad or cursed and the Pharlan may return to the priest with another offering for a new name. Typically a Pharlan's name has some kind of meaning some however may be borrowed from other languages and the meanings may be lost. Often names borrowed from other languages are treated with great respect. Simple ones like Singa Otoe means Sharp talon and could be given to an individual that is a particularly good hunter. Re-use of names is less of a problem in Pharlan society because in addition to recognition by sight Pharlans can easily distinguish one another by smell.

In formal settings a Pharlan will be identified by his or her parent's name as well as his or her own name. Typically females are denoted as the daughter of their mother while males are called son of their father. Such as Marura daughter of Byirka and Singaolo son of Maruoyaraka.