The Pharlan Language

The pharlan language is the language spoken by my pharlan race and most of the members of the Seven Great Races. It's probably one of the the fastest growing artifical languages as it's gone from 1 to 266 words in only one year. :D

Here are the dictionaries as the stand now (when new words are added they will be updated here.) Two different styles of organization are available:

Alphabetical Pharlan Dictionary

Alphabetical English Dictionary

Anyway I've finally decided to organize some of the endings and grammatical structure of the language. ANyway this is how one conjugates verbs - I have tried to avoid making irregular verbs as pharlans are practical creatures and have little patience for such silliness. Plural simply means if an is performed by one or more people, also used for we.

Infinitive (english uses to + present tense)anarkir to hunt
Present tense pluralanarken hunt(plural)
Present tense singularanarka hunt(singular)
Past tense pluralanarkasen hunted(plural)
Past tense singularanarkasa hunted (singular)
Present participleanarkadea hunting
future tense (singular)anarkira will hunt (singular)
future tense (plural)anarkiren will hunt (plural)

Other useful endings:
Practicer of-ar added to end of present tense verb
Plural - for nounssimply add a "u"
You can use this list to translate some Pharlan names.

The Pharlan Script

This is a list of the letters in the pharlan script and their sounds.

The script has been made into a font you can download it here. Shown below is an older version of the script which was used in some of my morrowind mods.

Instructions for using the font are inside.