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The Way of the Talon- Version 2.3

(Ka Ove du ka Rizar)

Updated Sept 9th, 2016.

Did a playthrough of this mod and did some rebalancing and bugfixing for this mod. Made the quests easier to follow, you shouldn't need the walkthrough as much.

Version 2.3 is the most recent version Also hosted on Nexus. If you've enjoyed this mod please endorse it on Nexus.

Download WOTT v 2.3 - complete(local)

What's the mod about?

What would happen if a new and strange race suddenly appeared in Morrowind?
The way of the Talon quest mod is about my pharlan race and how they interact with the people and factions already in morrowind. The mod contains it's own lore as well as melding into existing lore.
This may be the final version. I'll continue to fix bugs or annoyances as they arise.
There's plenty to do for all player characters but especially for pharlan characters, there's several NEW extras.

What does the mod include?

I want some screenies!

Okay here are some teasers . . .

Inside of the floating town Temple
Tlareni's Hold
Outside the Tradehouse
Mega library
Tlareni's hold
Research Center Interior
A cooperative hunt
Pharlans that worship hircine
Companions in the mod - aside from the dark elf
Hidden area

To Play the mod:

Download WOTT v 2.3 -complete(local)

This includes all three of the pharlan races.

A WALKTHROUGH for those of you that get stuck easily . . .

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